Which Hygiene Products are often used in Nursing Homes?

Nursing Home CareNursing home care provides residential care for disabled and elderly people. Disabled people or elderly people are not quite comfortable with hospital ambience. A nursing home is a place where the patient is given medical care the same as a hospital but in long-term. Long-term care refers to providing medical, social and emotional care to a patient who is chronically disabled or ill. People who require 24-hour supervision and medical support should be admitted in nursing homes.

The services provided by a nursing home may include hygienic rooms, constant monitoring for medications, 24 hours of emergency care, personal care such as dressing, toilet assistance, bathing and recreational activities to encourage the patient to get well soon.

Importance of hygiene products in nursing homes

In a nursing home care, cleanliness is the first thing that is looked after. The reason is patients who are elder and physically disabled or ill has a low immunity system. Therefore they are more prone to bacteria attack, which can even worsen their physical condition. Hygiene products are used in nursing homes to keep the residents safe as well as enhance the aesthetic look. The first thing people look for when choosing a care home is the environment inside and cleanliness.

What are the various types of hygiene products that are commonly used in Nursing homes?

Well, there are a lot of hygiene products that are used on a daily basis in nursing homes worldwide. Some of the common hygiene products used may include disposable underpads, disposable bed sheets, Adult diapers, disposable bibs and disposable containers. These hygiene products are not the same as the household products we use on a daily basis. They are designed for specially disabled people and elders who are unable to move and perform daily activities. Let us find out the details of some hygiene products that are commonly used in nursing.

Disposable Underpads for nursing home

Disposable Underpads For Nursing HomesDisposable underpads are thin disposable bed pads, chair pads or bed sheets that are placed on the surface of a chair, bed or seat. Patients going through bowel leakage use it for safety purpose. Disposable underpads come in different shapes and colours. These are made up of the same material that is used in other common disposable pads. It helps to soak urine and bowel for a good six to eight hours. The thicker the pad, the more it can soak.

To use it one has to cut open the underpad bag and places it on the surface. Compared to washable underpads they are flexible in terms of application and there is no headache of washing it after every use.

Disposable Bibs For Nursing Homes

Disposable Bibs For Nursing HomesDisposable bibs that are used in nursing homes are similar to regular baby bibs. The only difference is they are sanitized and large. These are used to feed adults in nursing that physically disabled. Patients who are unable to eat by themselves due to abnormal facial jaw movement mostly use disposable bibs. Generally paralyzed patients and elder patients are given disposable bibs. They keep food from landing on the lap. Also, they keep the patient’s clothes clean and dry.

In nursing homes, patients are more prone to bacteria transmission. Disposable bibs eliminate the risk of patients to patient bacteria transmission.

Disposable Bed Sheets For Hospitals

Medical Disposable Bed SheetsYou know disposable bed sheets provide an ideal hygienic solution at nursing home or hospitals. These are designed to protect against spills and leaks. They are usually tucked under the mattress to provide an extra layer of protection. As these are sanitized, they can be used for patients post-surgery, patients with several skin issues and so on.

Adult Diapers For Incontinence

Not all patients are bedridden and unable to move freely. Some might be fit enough to walk or move but have bowel leakage. Adult diapers are for them. Adult diapers mostly work for conditions like severe diarrhoea, incontinence and mobility impairment.

This is one of the most popular hygiene product that provides the best service. These are also available in several capacities and sizes.

Why are most hygiene products sourced from China?

Hygiene products and personal care products have the highest market penetration in China. The hygiene product market in China is huge and they sell from almost the cheapest to the highest quality material. Brand loyalty is extremely strong here. You can choose a variety of materials and products types form China’s hygiene market. Almost one-fifth of the world’s hygiene products are outsourced from China. No wonder why most hygiene products are sourced from China!