Exam Gowns

Exam Gowns

  • High Absorbent & Fluid Resistance
  • Durable & Comfortable
  • Hygienic & Convenient
  • Front/Back Opening
  • Stretchable Poly Waist Tie
  • Standard Size: 30″X42″
  • Color: White/Blue/Pink
  • Material: TPT (Tissue/Poly/Tissue)

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Disposable Patient Exam Gowns

30"X42"T/P/T (Tissue/Poly/Tissue)25pcs/packet; 2packets/cs

* We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

Care-De medical exam gowns are made of tissue bonded to a fluid-resistant layer of polyethylene that will absorb fluid on one side and provide a leakproof function on the other side. The material of our patient gown is TPT (Tissue/Poly/Tissue). All patient gowns feature front/back openings. It provides modesty and a hygienic covering for short exam stays.

The universal size of a single-use exam gown is ideal for use in physicians’ offices, clinics, and wards. Included tie on the back provides added convenience. Care-De’s hospital gowns are durable, short-term comfortable, and easy to dispose of.

If you are looking for a disposable exam gowns manufacturer or supplier in China, Care-De is your ideal choice. Now, buy exam gowns in bulk from Care-De, you will enjoy more discounts. Contact us to get a surprise wholesale price.

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