Disposable Non-woven Roll

Disposable Non-woven Roll

  • Waterproof & Moisture-proof
  • Eco-friendly & Breathable
  • Flexible & Lightweight
  • Non-combustible
  • Easy to decompose
  • Non-toxic and Non-irritating
  • A variety of sizes to choose from
  • Multiple colors: Blue, White, Green
  • Material: Non-woven/Non-woven+PE Film

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Disposable Non-woven Fabric Roll Specifications:

50cm x 50m1-ply Non-woven + 1-ply PE Film

1-ply Non-woven

Without/with pre-cut every 38cm, 50cm, 80cm, etc.

Colors: Blue, White, Green.
9 rolls/carton
50cm x 60m9 rolls/carton
50cm x 100m6 rolls/carton
45cm x 38m12 rolls/carton
45cm x 68m9 rolls/carton

* We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

Main Usage:

Disposable Non-woven Fabric Roll is mainly used in Hospitals, Beauty Salons, Nursing Homes, Hotels, and so on to cover examination tables or massage beds.

Detailed Applications:

Personal Care & Hygiene Packaging & Miscellaneous Agriculture & Holticulture
* Baby Diapers
* Adult Diapers
* Breast / Maternity Pads
* Sanitary Napkins
* Panty Shields
* Shopping Bags
* Bag & Shoe Case
* CD/DVD Shelves
* Airplane Head Rest Cover
* Gift / Flowers Wrapping
* Cable Wrapping
* Art Canvases
* Advertising Articles
* Greenhouse Shading
* Crop Covers & Plant Protection
* Fruit & Vegetable Covers
* Weedmat
Medical Home Furnish & Household Filtration
* Face Masks
* Surgical Drapes & Wraps
* Bed Linen
* Shoe Covers
* Disposable Isolation Gowns
* Bouffant Caps
* Bedding: Quilting, Spring Pocket, Flanging
* Mattress Protector
* Furniture & Photo Frame Covers
* Pillow & Bolster Cases
* Table Cloths
* Carpet Underlay
* Curtains
* Laundry Bags
* Laundry Softeners and Additives
* Abrasive Material
* Vacuum Cleaner Bags
* Tea & Coffee Bags
* Book Covers
Clothing & Shoes Automotive & Vehicle Building & Civil Construction
* Disposable Underwear
* Protective & Working Clothes
* Interlinings
* Car Seat Backing
* Car Headliners
* Car & Motorcycle Covers
* Helmet Covers
* Building / House Wrapping
* Geotextile
* Vertical & Horizontal Drains
* Ground Stabilization
* Roof Lining

Why Choose Care-De

Care-De is an experienced medical Nonwoven Fabrics Manufacturer & Supplier in China. We have focused on producing non woven fabrics for decades, and we have advanced equipment and R&D technology. Meanwhile, we are also the PE Film Manufacturer of raw materials, which provides the quality assurance and pricing advantage to the production and sales of the disposable non-woven fabric. These factors enable our product to be well-sold in Europe, the USA, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and other markets.

If you are looking for a steady Non-woven fabrics Supplier, Exporter, or Manufacturer, Care-De absolutely is the ideal choice. Please contact us now to get a surprise wholesale price!

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