Nonwoven Fabric

Nonwoven Fabric

  • Absorbency
  • Filtering
  • Cushioning
  • Flame Retardancy
  • Liquid Repellency
  • Sterility and Bacterial Barrier
  • Strength and Resilience
  • Softness and Flexibility
  • Washability
  • Multiple Colors

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Non-woven Fabric Specifications

ProductHydrophilic Nonwoven
ColorAny colors as customer required
Material100% polyethylene

Flame retardant
Good handle
High strength
PackingRoll and packed in polybag
* We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

Non-woven fabrics are flat, porous sheets or web-structured materials created through the bonding of fibers or perforation of films using chemical, mechanical, or thermal processes. Unlike woven materials, non-woven fabrics do not require weaving or knitting, so the component fibers do not need to be converted into yarn first.

Non-woven fabrics can be tailored to enhance specific characteristics, such as fire retardancy, liquid repellency, impact resistance, and thermal and electrical insulation. The exceptional versatility of non-wovens makes them useful for numerous specialized products, such as:

  • Space Shuttle Exterior Tiles
  • Thermal Blankets and Insulation
  • High-temperature Industrial Filters
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Mattress Fireblocking
  • Vehicle Seats and Trunk Liners
  • Cut Resistant Felts
  • Primary Carpet Backing and Underlay
  • Wall Coverings
  • Engineering Composites
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Puncture-Resistant Materials
  • Fire Barriers
  • Moisture Absorbing
  • Puncture resistance
  • Welding Protection
  • Battery Insulation

We can provide the following nonwoven fabrics:

  • Spunmelt Nonwoven Fabric (SMS / SMMS)
  • Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
  • Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric (S / SS / SSS)

We mainly focus on providing customers with high-quality non-woven fabrics for disposable underpads, adult diapers, face masks, and other disposable medical supplies, surgical, medical device packaging, etc. The non-woven mainly includes Spunbond nonwoven fabrics, Melt-blown fabrics, and spun-bond melt-blown composite fabrics.

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