Exam Table Paper Rolls

Exam Table Paper Rolls

  • 100% Safe and Sanitary.
  • Easy to use and gets rid of unnecessary laundry.
  • Made with Tissue, Non-woven, PE Film.
  • Colors: Blue, White, Green.
  • Latex-free.
  • Protect users from bacteria and contagions.
  • Paper rolls with perforations allow for easier tearing.

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 Exam Table Paper Rolls

Size Material Package
50cm x 50m 1-ply tissue
1-ply tissue + 1-ply PE Film
2-ply tissue + 1-ply PE Film
2-ply tissue
1-ply non-woven + 1-ply PE Film
1-ply non-woven
Without/With pre-cut every
38cm/50cm/80cm, etc.
Colors: Blue; White; Green.
9 rolls/carton
50cm x 60m 9 rolls/carton
50cm x 100m 6 rolls/carton
45cm x 38m 12 rolls/carton
45cm x 68m 9 rolls/carton

* We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

When patients come into direct contact with medical furniture, they may transfer harmful contaminants. Subsequent patients may exposure to the pathogens. At this time, the Medical Exam Table Paper will work well. They can protect medical furniture from bacteria, germs, and contagions. Care-De Exam Table Paper Rolls protect medical tables and chairs from cross-contamination between patients.

Table paper covers treatment chairs, massage tables, chiropractic chairs, tables, and other medical equipment or furniture that comes into contact with patients. Exam table paper offers a protective barrier between the patient and the treatment table. It easily transferred from patient to patient through contact with a common surface. But the paper offers a protective barrier against harmful micro-organisms. You know, it offers an excellent barrier against cross-contamination.

Care-De Exam Table Paper is strong and highly absorbent. It is constructed with 1-ply/2-ply tissue or non-woven (with/without PE film).

Care-De is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of Couch Paper Rolls with various specifications and requirements. Our products used in hospitals, beauty salons, nursing homes, hotels, etc.

Are you searching for a steady Exam Table Paper Rolls Manufacturer? So, Care-de is your ideal choice. Contact us now!

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