Gynecological Examination Set

Gynecological Examination Set

  • Disposable Vaginal Speculum (S/M/L): 1pc
  • Natural Latex Examination Gloves (S/M/L): 1 pair
  • Sampling Swab: 1pc
  • Non-woven Napkin: 1pc
  • PE Bag / Plastic and Paper Bag: 1pc

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Gynecological Examination Set Specifications

Components of Gynecological Kits

  • Medical Vaginal Speculum made of Polystyrene (S/M/L): 1pc
  • Natural Latex Examination Gloves (S/M/L): 1 pair
  • Cervical Scraper or Cervical Brush or Cervical Swab or Cervical Spoon for selection: 1pc
  • High-quality Non-woven Napkin: 1pc
  • PE Bag / Plastic and Paper Bag: 1pc

Instruction of Use

Wholesale Gynecological Examination Sets

  • Before use, the users must read the user manual, and then take the speculum, push the duckbill of speculum which is closed into the vagina slowly.
  • Open the duckbill of a speculum according to the demand, fix the nut of the speculum, then it can be used in checking and treatment gynecology disease.
  • After all, loose the nut of the speculum, take the duckbill of speculum out of the vagina slowly.


  • The speculum is for single use only and must be destroyed after use. Reuse is prohibited.
  • Sterilization guaranteed if the package unopened. Use the speculum immediately after opened.
  • Store under shady, cool, dry, ventilated, and clean condition.

Usage Custom

  • Lateral screw type: often used in Europe, Southeast Asia, and some Africa countries, etc.
  • Push type: often used in the USA, Canada, and Latin America, etc.
  • Center screw type: often used in middle-east, UK, Italy, and so on.
  • Fastener type: often used in France, Poland, and so on.

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