Disposable Bibs For Adults

Disposable Bibs For Adults

  • Multi-use.
  • Cheap but high quality.
  • Waterproof, Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Disposable bibs are convenient to use.
  • Full Coverage & Premium Protection.
  • An absorbent front that soaks up liquids.
  • A waterproof backing that keeps liquids from clothing.
  • Great for hospital patients and senior resident home or facility care.

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Disposable Bibs For Adults

Size Material Package
With 10cm pocket
1-ply Tissue + 1-ply PE Film
2-ply Tissue + 1-ply PE Film
100pcs/bag, 5bags/carton
100pcs/bag, 6bags/carton
100pcs/bag, 10bags/carton
With 10cm pocket
Blue; White; Green.
125pcs/bag, 4bags/carton
125pcs/bag, 8bags/carton
Without pocket
Without pocket

* We can also produce other specifications according to the samples and requests of our customers.

High-quality Adult Bibs

Adult bibs can keep your patients clean and comfortable. There are bibs in different sizes that are made with Tissue and PE film. Most Disposable Bibs For Adults have a backing that prevents moisture from coming through to patients’ clothes to keep them dry and clean. There are many brands for you on the market, but you can try Care-de.

Easy Care

Our adult bibs have a pocket across the bottom to catch crumbs for easier cleanup. The adult-size bibs that are longer to protect a larger area. You know, these bibs are easy care. Here, you can also find another type of adult bibs with closures that make them simple to put on and take off.

Clothing Protectors For Adults

Disposable bibs are also available to help reduce messes at mealtimes. This can help save the caregiver time while still saving the wearer’s clothes. Some bibs have a fluid-resistant polyethylene material on the outside and a comfortable tissue on the inside. Many pull over the head, while others are fastened with ties.

Dignified adult bibs are usually used in nursing homes, convalescent homes, hospitals, and more. Buy tear-resistant, waterproof, and disposable bibs for adults on Care-De. We can give you a reasonable price. Because of Care-De is a professional manufacturer on Adult Bibs.

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