The Benefits of Using Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

Once a patient is diagnosed with incontinence, they can get overwhelmed and feel embarrassing. There is a wide array of patients who think that they will not be capable of performing daily activities anymore.

They worry that owing to incontinence accidents, they cannot leave homebound. Incontinence Bed Pads are worth mentioning in this aspect as they are beneficial in managing incontinence on your own.

What are disposable underpads?

Using Incontinence Bed PadsAlso referred to as Chux, disposable underpads are super absorbent pads that offer protection to the mattress from urine damage. You need to place the pad generally below or above the linens, according to personal preference.

They play a vital role in absorbing the leaking liquid. You can use them on a wide scale in long term care hospitals and facilities to protect the furniture and mattress from urine damage.

Applications of Incontinence Bed Pads

You can use incontinence bed pads to ensure that the bed remains dry. In addition to this, they play a vital role to provide comfort. Besides this, it also provides a good night’s sleep.

Health care providers use the Disposable Bed Pads on a wide scale for baby caring, nursing homes, hospitals, and other health care facilities. Here are some of the other applications of incontinence bed pads. Take a look!


Commodes are bedside toilets which feature portability. The underpads are a smart choice to protect the floor, present under a commode.

Offering protection to furniture

Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads are beneficial to offer protection to the furniture. You can adhere easily to wheelchairs, couches, chairs, to name a few. A wide array of the brands of these products boasts of adhesive tapes to secure the same to different surfaces.

Car rides

If your child or the Incontinence adult at your home is planning to go on a car ride, the underpads are a smart choice to protect the vehicle. Replacing the car seat is sure to involve a lot of hassles. Hence, it is recommended to use a disposable underpad to prevent stain.

How to use Incontinence Bed Pads

Incontinence Bed Pads ManufacturerIf you are wondering how to use a disposable underpad, refer to the below-mentioned tips:

Cut the bag with a scissor from the bottom side of your packaging

To use the disposable underpad, you need to cut the bag open of the product with a scissor from the below side of the packaging. You require cutting into the edges of the below part of the bag till the scissor appears to be tight without breaking through the whole package.

Next to this, you require pulling the bottom from both the sides and continue to open either side of the bag till the packaging of the product is open.

Take the underpad from the surrounding bag from the product and place the same on the surface

Now you need to bring out a disposable diaper from the package and open it with an open fist. You should ensure to keep the palm open. Make sure to curve the fingers so that you pick only one of them.

Unfolding the pad

Here, you have to grab the edge of the product and then throw the same in the outward direction. This will create an airburst for the separation of the quarters of the product.

Placing the pad down on the surface while the white side is open

The white side of the product absorbs moisture whereas the plastic-looking side plays a vital role in deterring the moisture. In case you find that both sides are white, opt for the side with a non-glossy and smooth surface. Make sure that the patient should lay on the non-plastic side.

The Benefits of Using Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

People use the incontinence bed pads along with incontinence underwear as well as other adult incontinence products.

You can also use them on a wide scale to protect bedding, beds and other furniture, which suffer from damage, owing to incontinence leakage. They are also useful to protect car seats, wheelchairs or any other place, where the incontinence patient might lie or sit on.

Disposable underpads brands or manufacturers in the market

Few of the brands of Bed Pads For Nursing Home include:

  • Care-De Disposable Underpads
  • Attends Premier Underpad
  • Covidien Simplicity Underpad
  • Prevail Super Absorbent Disposable Underpad
  • Tendersorb Disposable Underpads

The underpads for incontinence feature multiple layers that play a vital role to ensure that the wetness does not spread to the furniture, bed mattress, or wheelchair.