5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Purchasing Adult Diapers

Incontinence is an issue for sure. But, if you have the correct information, there will not be as many leaks, expenses will be lower, and your health will not be at risk. You need to select adult diapers very carefully, and this may have made you anxious. So, to help make things easier for you mentioned below are 5 mistakes you should avoid when purchasing adult diapers for incontinence.

1. Using A Disposable Underpad In Place of Absorbent Underwear❌

Earlier, doctors suggested using disposable underpads as they felt it allowed the skin to breathe more easily. However, if your bladder leak issue is quite high, then using an underpad will not be helpful.

When urine gets in touch with air, the pH gets changed, and it becomes extremely alkaline, and which is harmful to your skin. As underpads are not able to soak up urine as nicely as protective underwear, your urine remains in contact with your delicate skin. This leads to breakdown and may even result in pressure ulcers.

2. Wearing A Pad Within Absorbent Underwear To Get Extra Protection❌

You may have heard that if you add disposable underpads for incontinence to your adult diaper, it will offer better absorbency. Well, this is not true, and in fact, it can be harmful to your skin.

Bladder pads come with a plastic backing that keeps urine trapped inside the pad. When you place a pad inside your diaper, your urine will stay trapped at your underwear’s plastic backing and not reach the brief itself. It will be pushed out through the leg holes, thus causing leaks.

So, do not make this mistake. Rather than placing a pad within your underwear, select highly absorbent underwear. If you require more absorbency, opt for a booster pad that does not have any plastic backing, and thus allows moisture to pass through.

3. Wearing A Tab-style Adult Diaper On Top Of Your Pull-Up❌

Similar to bladder control pads, protective underwear comes with a plastic lining that does not allow incontinence to pass through. If you stock one over the other, then they will not be as effective and may even harm your skin. So, it will be best to get your perfect hip and waist measurements so that you can get a perfect fit.

4. Buying The Highest Absorbency Available❌

Some people do require extremely high absorbency products. But, there are also some who select the highest absorbency just to enjoy peace of mind.

Nowadays, there are many adult pull-ups and diapers that are very absorbent. You may feel you require an overnight product, but even a highly absorbent daytime product will work perfectly well for you.

Though using an extremely absorbent product causes no harm to your skin, but it can prove to be very expensive. So, if a low absorbency product matches your requirements, then use it to save some money and feel more comfortable as well.

5. Selecting The Cheapest Variety to Save Money❌

Those who are on a budget feel it is best to opt for the cheapest version. But, if you experience very heavy incontinence, then cheap products will eventually only prove to be costlier.

For instance, if you experience eight voids every day, then a cheaper diaper may hold just one or two, and then you will need to change. But, a costlier product can hold even up to ten. So, though it initially seems you are saving money with the cheapest variety, a better absorbency product proves to be more economical.

The Right Way to Choose Adult Diapers for Incontinence✅

Incontinence Diapers For Adults

Now that you are aware of the mistakes you should avoid when purchasing adult diapers, let us discover a few things you need to keep in mind to make the right selection.

1. Absorbency Level

The level of absorbency you require depends on the severity of incontinence. You may even need to use a different absorbency level at night than you use during the day. This is because it is common to lose more urine at night. Liquid absorption is essential as it helps prevent your skin from being moist that can lead to irritation.

2. Size

Considering the size is also necessary. Usually, there are 4 sizes for adults, namely M, L, XL, and XXL. If it does not fit well, then you will not feel comfortable, and there can also be leakage and rashes. It will be best to try a sample first to ensure a proper fit.

3. Odor Elimination

No one wants to smell bad. So, you must look for a high-performance diaper that controls odor-causing bacteria and thus prevents bad smell.

4. User

The diapers mentioned in this article are only suitable for adults, the elderly, the disabled, and other incontinent patients. It does not apply to groups such as babies and children.

5. Manufacturer

When you need to buy adult diapers in bulk, choose diapers for incontinence made in China as much as possible. Because their quality is higher than in other areas, the price is not expensive. This is why many retailers, distributors, and agents choose to wholesale adult diapers from China.


The person with incontinence is suffering not only from physical issues, but it is also emotionally challenging. They might feel depressed, anxious, embarrassed, and even frustrated. By providing them with the right adult diaper, you are helping them cope with the physical issues in a great way. But, remember they also need emotional support as well. So, shower them with your love and care, and it will become a lot easier for them to deal with incontinence.