A Comprehensive Understanding of Disposable Pillow Cases

Disposable Pillow Cases are considered to be the best option to develop a comforting environment in health clinics and hospitals. They play a vital role in creating a reliable and hygienic barrier. These products are known to have high durability, strength and softness owing to which they have become the prime choice for these health organizations.

What is a Disposable Pillow Case?

The disposable pillow cases are lighter in weight and help in controlling infection effectively. They also protect from spills and stains. They are composed of tissues and poly and provide enhanced strength and absorbency. And they also help in preventing leakage owing to which they are found in different health care clinics on an extensive scale.

The Construct of Disposable Pillow Case

Purchase Disposable Pillow Cases OnlineThe disposable pillow cases for hospitals are made of lighter weight tissue which consists of a plethora of recycled fibers along with poly backing. It is considered to be an affordable solution for disposable bedding. Besides this, such pillow covers also offer fluid barrier. They play a vital role in providing heavyweight tissue for absorbing fluids. Besides this, the poly backing of these products bestows protection to the pillow from the fluid contamination.

Some of the popular brands of these pillow covers are made of Extruded Poly Material and innovative Solace Tissue. Solace is considered to be a unique synthetic which provides comfort in addition to strength. They also offer a comfortable resting surface for the patients and thus it is an excellent choice for hospitals.

Using and Applications of Disposable Pillow Cases

The disposable pillowcases are regarded as an ideal option for emergency rooms, hospitals, and clinics. They are also used widely in the offices of the physicians. They are used for taking the patient to the hospital in an ambulance and thus they are considered to be an indispensable part of ambulance services.

Clinical staffs, hospital administrators order disposable pillowcases for making the facilities budget-friendly and effective. They are used primarily along with disposable blankets and sheets. They are available in different sizes and varieties for accommodating king size pillows in the beds of hospitals and clinics.

You can find them in clinical offices, emergency rooms and rooms of the patients to offer sanitary options for the room of the patients. They also play a vital role in offering the best protection against contamination.

Advantages and disadvantages of single-use pillowcases


  • These products are designed for fluid transfer and bestowing protection against the spills. Hence, they are considered to be spill-resistant and fluid resistant.
  • They are available in different varieties of colors.
  • These disposable pillowcases for the hospital are known to have high breathability. Thus, they stand second to none in offering immense comfort to the patients.
  • They help in absorbing moisture from the skin.
  • They are useful in ensuring a dry and cool surface area for the patient.
  • As they are disposable, you do not need to carry the hassles of caring and laundering.
  • You can dispose of them easily with disposable sheets and other materials.
  • It is possible to put new covers and remove the old ones easily.
  • They are durable and strong.


  • These pillow covers might be expensive for healthcare clinics in the long term facilities.

Disposable Pillowcase Brands On The Market

A wide array of brands of disposable pillows is available in the market. Some of the most popular brands include.

Care-De Disposable Pillow Case

Care-De Disposable Pillow Case For HospitalsAs you know, Care-De is a professional Disposable Pillow Cases Manufacturer. The products are not only of good quality but also cheap. There are many distributors and retailers of Care-De in the US and Europe.

Tidi Tissue Poly Paper Pillow Case

They are regarded as cost-effective single-use pillowcases which offer functional protection daily. It provides a layer of poly protection. You can opt for pillows of standard and queen size. With excellent quality and reasonable prices, Care-De has won a great reputation from our customers.

Vakly Disposable pillowcases

These disposable pillowcases stand second to none in offering optimum comfort and resistance to moisture. They are sturdy and well made and boast of high quality.

PDC Healthcare Disposable Pillowcase

These pillowcases remove laundering and control contamination at the same time. They are easy to use and thus they have turned out to be the most suitable choice for health care facilities.

Avalon Papers 703 Pillowcase

These pillowcases have turned out to be the best choice for those sweating patients during the summer season. They are equipped with the plastic backing which ensures that they remain clean as well as free from various types of liquids.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best in the class disposable pillowcase, you can have a look at the products, supplied by the above mentioned single-use pillowcases manufacturer. You will be able to control infection effectively in a healthcare environment with the aid of these products.