Disposable Exam Capes and Medical Gowns Are Widely Used in Hospitals

It is interesting to realize that Disposable Exam Capes and Medical Gowns experience wide usage within hospitals. This is even now more prevalent with the rise of Covid-19 during this pandemic. These exam capes and gowns are used in order to help protect medical staff and patients from contracting Covid-19 and other bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. Thus, this article will discuss more information about disposable gowns and the usage of the patient exam cape.

What Is a Disposable Exam Cape?

Exam CapesExam capes are disposable capes that are made for single use and then they are disposed of in the trash following each patient. These disposable exam capes aid in the prevention of spreading infections, diseases, viruses, and bacteria between medical staff and patients. They are truly versatile due to the fact that they can be used in doctors’ offices, hospitals, and clinics.

Features of Tissue of Exam Cape

The tissue of the exam cape is soft and yet strong. It is constructed with tissue paper and PE film, which also grants a superior quality barrier against moisture. There are some that are also constructed with 3-ply tissues in order to offer extra comfort and to ensure the best absorbency.

Materials of Medical Examination Cape

The material that is used in a medical examination cape can be latex. Some are also latex-free and are constructed with the usage of poly tissue instead. This is a good solution as there may be different needs for latex or poly tissues. For example, some patients may be allergic to latex, which means that a medical examination cape made from tissue paper and PE film would be more appropriate.

What Is a Disposable Medical Gown?

Exam GownsA disposable medical gown is used for the sake of protecting medical workers and patients. They act as a layer of protection to aid in stopping the spread of diseases, viruses, bacteria, and illnesses. They cover most of the body and have long sleeves. You know they are disposed of after each person and are never shared between people. This means that the medical CPE gown is not used in two or more people. It is only used on one person.

Features of Medical Exam Gown

A feature of a medical exam gown is that it is a long outer garment that covers most of the body in order to maximize protection. Also, another feature is that most of these types of gowns possess long sleeves. Moreover, some Exam Gowns may close at the front and some may close at the back.

Materials of Examination Gown

These examination gowns are often made of cotton or soft polyester material. Also, some are made of plastic and some are made of paper. Indeed, there are a variety of materials that are used for making various types of disposable exam gowns.

The Applications of Exam Gowns

The examination gown can be worn when someone is having an examination in a hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office. Also, the exam gown can be used as clothing for a patient who is bedridden in a hospital. Moreover, it can be worn by a patient who will be having an operation. Also, disposable exam gowns can be worn by people visiting patients in the hospital in order to prevent the spreading of diseases, germs, viruses, infections, and bacteria.

What Are the Differences Between Exam Capes and Exam Gowns?

An exam cape is shorter and covers the upper part of the body. On the other hand, exam gowns cover the whole body. Therefore, exam gowns offer more protection and are more versatile.

The Benefits of Using Disposable Exam Capes and Gowns

Disposable exam capes and gowns are pretty affordable these days. That means that using disposable exam capes and gowns can cut down on the amount of laundry for an organization. Also, disposable exam capes and gowns are fast and easy to put on. They are comfortable to wear. Most importantly, they offer protection against the spread of diseases, germs, viruses, bacteria, and illnesses. They can be used in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics.


It is truly worthwhile to use disposable exam capes and gowns. They help to provide real protection, which is important to consider during this time of Covid-19. Thus, it is wise to use disposable exam capes and gowns, especially when they are so affordably priced.

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