Yankauer Suction Set

Yankauer Suction Set

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The Detailed Description of Disposable Yankauer Suction Set

  • Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only
  • An elongated suction tube having a distal and proximal end.
  • A suction tip is located at the distal end and the proximal end being connectable to a suction source.
  • It is intended for suctioning the body fluid in combination with aspirator during operation on the thoracic cavity or abdominal cavity.
  • Made from non-toxic PVC, clear and soft
  • Large lumen resists clogging and the transparency
  • Crown tip and standard tip;
  • With vent (finger control) is available.
  • Material: Medical grade PVC, with DEHP or DEHP FREE
  • Size:1/4”×1.8m, 1/4”×3.6m, 3/16”×1.8m, 3/16”×3.6m
  • Package: Blister / PE

Yankauer Suction

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