Two-parts Vaginal Speculums

Two-parts Vaginal Speculums

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The Detailed Description of Disposable Two-parts Vaginal Speculums:

  • Sterilized by EO gas. Non-toxic. Non-pyrogenic, single use only
  • It is used for vagina enlarging, washing and cervix checking.
  • Individually packed: Blister / PE
  • Smooth, rounded ends for increased patient comfort
  • Transparent finish yields excellent visibility and sampling and examination accuracy.
  • Material: Medical Grade PS, Latex free.

Size: L, M, S

  • Side screw type: often used in Europe, Southeast Asia and some Africa countries and so on.
  • Push type: often used in USA, Canada and Latin America and so on.
  • Middle screw type: often used in middle-east, UK, Italy and so on.
  • France type: often used in France, Poland and so on.


  • The speculum is for single use only and must be destroyed after use. The second use is prohibited.
  • Sterility guaranteed if package unopened.Used the speculum immediately after opened.
  • Stored in a cool and dry place.

Two-parts Disposable Vaginal Speculum

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